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River Woods S/S 2014
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J.Crew FALL 2013
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I say “Young Black Men” because any revolution has always been in the hands of the youth. There is power in youth. I say young Black Men because I believe Young Black Men are the Warrior class of our civilizations.Young Black men we make life so much harder than it has to be. We’re to hard on each other and soft on things that really matter. We’re violent on each other and not violent to people who oppress our community. It’s very backwards and convenient for outsiders to destroy us. The issues that black people face globally are not hard to figure out and the solutions are within our grasp. We don’t realize it because we are victims of programming all around us that want to keep us apart. UNITY holds so much power. Peace!!#sancophaleague

do they know you took their pic?
I’m not sure how they would feel about it.
You know they are on tumblr.
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Days….. and days and days.

There is more to life to me. I want to be this guy that I have dreamed about. Not just in fashion but in life. I want to be a husband and have a family. I am now located in Atlanta and people say it should be easy but I don’t want easy.

There is a process and a path I want to be on and until I get to that point ill coast and rest on bettering myself. school, self, business and love is my concentration and I think i may have a few on my list. Thus I ask the Question; is there such a thing as love in a few weeks… { DUCK LIPS} I am counting it as an open door…

Trust! Its going to take its time and form into what it is… I know i have to live and be that in what I am and know to be… life will not wait, if its at ur stop take the ride you might see something different…


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